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  • Childbirth Preparation Classes
  • Refresher Birth Classes
  • Post-Partum Classes/Motherlore TM
  • Infant Safety/CPR Classes
  • Breastfeeding Classes

Childbirth Preparation Classes

A 12-hour course offered once weekly for 6 weeks, 3 hours for 4 weeks or all in one weekend.

The classes consist of lecture, discussion and sharing time, and active class participation, which covers breathing, relaxation and comfort measures for labor. The first hour of each class is a lecture, sharing time. The second hour of each class is devoted to learning breathing and relaxation techniques as well as other comfort measures to work with your body in labor and to prepare the support person involved. Topics include:

  • Discomforts of late pregnancy
  • Nature of labor
  • Breathing & relaxation - techniques for labor and life.
  • Medications - possible complications of labor - Cesarean sections
  • Caring for the baby and early childhood
  • Infant feeding, Breastfeeding
  • Post-Partum Adjustment
  • Self-help measures for labor control.

Childbirth Preparation Refresher

A series of four, two-hour classes. Topics include sibling preparation, breathing and relaxation techniques, and overall review of topics covered in the original childbirth preparation class.

Motherlore - Post-Partum Class for Mothers & Babies

A post-partum exercise class for new mothers and their babies. Classes are held one day each week for four weeks. Classes provide a supportive atmosphere for new mothers and teach infant massage and exercise.

Infant Safety & CPR Class

A two and a half-hour class, designed for expectant parents and parents with newborns. Topics include infant CPR, infant choking and rescue, baby-proofing your home, identifying safe baby products and more.


A one-time 3-hour class for mom and support person. Topics covered are benefits and myths of Breastfeeding, Over coming obstacles to Breastfeeding, Anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and Medications during lactation.

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